January 01, 2012 2 min read

Industrial lights like the scissor lamp and jielde are the reason I started making lamps. I actually made a shabby version of the scissor lamp about 5 years ago using aluminum bar (since I couldn't weld) and a task light from home depot. After making the potence lamps and other things, I decided to try and make the style of lamp I've always wanted. An industrial, mounted, weathered task light. The kind I would look at on ebay, but could never afford. Since Roxy could use a reading light, I decided it was a good excuse to make the lamp. This is what I came up with. It's mechanics are pretty similar to the potence lamp I made, except no handle was needed since the shade is down low enough to reach by hand. The cable supports the 5' long neck, preventing it from slacking or bouncing around. The lamp shade, I left raw steel and did not bother to remove any rust. The cloth-covered cord has a toggle switch mounted down far enough to reach from a chair or sofa. The head swivels around for directing the light where you want it. Roxy wanted color, and I wanted an industrial look so I went with "Old Cat Yellow". I distressed it by scuffing the paint flat and dropping scrap pieces of steel, bolts, and tools on top of it. I also dragged it around the ground and sprayed it with Sulfuric acid to speed up rusting. This one's for Roxy and I but I've already got a few more in the works, mostly because I want to mess around and experiment with different colors and styles. So, you might be seeing some of these on etsy pretty soon. Here's to a new year of more stuff to be made. Happy New Year!

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