January 12, 2012 2 min read

So, for a while now I've been thinking of painting the ceiling, walls and all of the beams in the house white. We originally painted the ceiling in the kitchen and dining room white and the living room brown. Why did I paint it brown? We planned on leaving the interior walls as logs so for contrast, I painted the ceiling brown. But, after being financially rejected by the bank for having a log cabin that was "too different" for the neighborhood, we plastered and brick veneered much of the inside walls. After that, I started wishing I'd have not painted the ceiling and beams. Stripping the paint was beyond even my obsessive behavior, so next idea? White. The white contrasts well with the brick wall downstairs. The upstairs plastered wall near the bed, we painted dark gray. The industrial lamp found a home near the bed, and it works perfectly. I almost painted the A/C ducting too before Roxy said she wanted them left steel. I'm really glad I did now. BTW, these are the steel railings I was talking about a few months ago. I made them out of steel channel and tubing, I just need to attach the rest of the wood hand-railing. I'm thinking of changing the risers and treads to plywood. When we originally bought the house, the previous owner had run orange plastic sprinkler pipes which were to be 'boxed' in with drywall. I tore that out and installed steel exposed sprinkler pipes. The only drawback was that I was not allowed to install them, had to pay a licensed company because of fire code (this went against all instincts), but it turned out great. I especially love the red wire baskets. These string lights are from home depot, which I attached to steel cable strung across the beams suspended over our bed. The worst part of the project was just masking off EVERYTHING. Floors, walls, furniture and ourselves with jumpsuits. Of course, I didn't take any pictures of the prep-work or process, I'm terrible. That's not going to stop me from sharing the end result though. Just imagine the entire house draped in plastic sheeting. Roxy came home thinking I was going to needle her in the neck and show her murder victim pictures (Dexter reference). Anyways, we really love the white and the house looks and feels entirely different. The next step should be the upstairs wood flooring, which I'm going to fabricate myself. Stay tuned for more madness.

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