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Geodesic dollhouse update

December 23, 2011 0 Comments

Geodesic dollhouse update

I wanted to do some kind of "update" on the geodesic dollhouse I'm doing for the I'm A Giant challenge since it's been quite a while since I've even mentioned it. I was way behind and probably wasn't going to make the deadline, but apparently I wasn't the only one and it was extended. I just wanted to let you guys know, I'm still in this thing..... We wanted this dollhouse to be as real as it could be and since I've always wanted concrete floors, we decided to do it on the dollhouse. I stapled down 1/4" mesh for the "rebar grid" to avoid the floor from cracking and to hold it down to the sub-floor. I used anchoring cement for the concrete since it has no gravel and it's very strong. I mixed it pretty wet so it would self level. Worked like a charm. The kitchen counter tops are concrete as well! For the rest of the floor, we used 1/8" cherry that we ripped into strips. We used two different widths and random length pieces. We left very slight gaps between some of the boards for authenticity, right? After the wood floor was all glued down and the concrete was dry, we sanded it and sprayed a coat of sealer over the whole thing. Didn't want it too shiny, just sealed. I bought some tiny plaster bricks online for the wall down the center of the house. We glued them on both sides of a piece of Masonite and grouted them with mortar, surprisingly easy and very life-like. We cut up small pieces of veneer into little wood shingles. We're gluing them into strips that I can later cut into the triangles for the outside of the roof. I'm in the process of prepping the ceiling for paint which is alot like prepping a real house. I had to prime, sand, caulk and skim coat the inside multiple times to get the joints and panels looking clean. I'm considering painting the hexagons and pentagons two subtly different shades of white to accentuate the geodesic look of the ceiling, same goes for the wood shake roof, two different species of wood. Anyways, as I'm posting this, there's already alot more I've done. You can check out my instagram feed for more updated pictures on the dollhouse challenge, along with MANY photos of our cat, and dogs. I'll make sure to make the new deadline for this challenge, which is February 2nd from what I understand. I can't wait to see everyone's finished houses and the one's that I've seen so far, are amazing.

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