September 27, 2011 2 min read

I made some furniture. Small furniture. 1:12 scale, which comes out to 1"=1'(for the dollhouse). I went down to the shop on Sunday to grab a tool for the railing I'm working on, and while I was down there.... I thought I'd maybe try and work on the dollhouse. Well, I started gathering up thin shreds of wood around the shop and planing it down. Then I started cutting it, gluing it, bending wire, and before I knew it, I had a little teak coffee table and walnut credenza. I made them almost exactly how I make large-scale furniture. The wood is a little less than 1/8" thick, so I really can't use screws or nails. It's all glued. I even managed to weld together wire for the credenza base. With the welder heat and wire speed turned WAY down, it was still tricky not to melt the wire completely when welding it. The little sliding doors on the credenza and desk slide back and forth on grooves (just like my scrapwood credenza and desk). I was so excited about the whole thing and wanted to make more stuff, so I bought some small scraps of fabric and some 1/2" thick foam and sewed up some miniature cushions for a sofa. Did you know Jo-ann's sells fabric remnants for dirt-cheap? Monday, after work, I made up a little danish-style sofa base with solid teak and bent wire legs. I've been wanting to try and make this sofa for a while. Only, full-size, to actually sit on, so I figured it was a good opportunity to make a miniature. Everything is made of solid wood and it's all hand-sanded and finished. I really shouldn't have started this because I'm pretty obsessed already. The possibilities are endless and the material is all super-thin unusable scrap. I've got some more ideas and can't wait to make some more stuff. The kitchen cabinets and built-ins are gonna be fun to make for the dome home. Those polygon spaces are gonna be interesting to fill in. What do you think? Gonna look good in that geodesic?

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