October 05, 2011 2 min read

I've got a few more micro furniture pieces to share. I went kind of crazy and built some more stuff the last couple days after work. I learned how to braze as well. Brazing is kind of between soldering and welding. You use a torch to heat the steel and melt a filler in between. It's pretty awesome, but tedious and you have to be careful, this stuff gets HOT. You can read more here. This chair is inspired by a Paul McCobb chair that I saw in the Design*Sponge book . (I highly recommend this book btw, it's full of great homes and you can never have too many interior design books). I really liked the way she covered the seat in plaid. I LOVE plaid everything. I used veneer pieces of teak for the back, glulam'ed into shape. I want to make a similar full-sized version of this chair. Soon.... I made a couple of round tables out of Iroko using two different sized holesaws. The larger one is a coffee table with three wire hairpin legs. The smaller one is a tri-pod side table. This scrapwood bench is made just as I make the real ones. Tiny pieces of scrap wood glued together on a steel base. I also made a micro version of my surfboard table. I painted the top white this time, but other than that it's built the same way. Although I still have alot of more stuff to build for the dollhouse, I don't think I'll need more than one coffee table. Maybe I'll put some of these up on etsy? I don't really know what to even charge for this stuff. Roxy has been buying little accessories too. Check out the real cowhide rug and industrial desk lamp. The eames chair was a gift from a friend about a year ago, perfect scale!

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