July 09, 2011 1 min read

I've had some people ask me if I am going to make any more lamps, since I sold all of the ones I made on etsy. A few people also asked if I was going to make shorter ones, for smaller spaces. It turns out, if I make the lamps about 20" shorter, shipping drops big time. So, I started messing around and made this prototype (48" from the wall) and decided to try out flat black for the paint for a kind of "suede" finish. I don't really save any money or time by making it shorter, but the shipping difference is pretty significant. I will lower the cost somewhat though since they're shorter. At 48", it's still a very functional lamp. What do you think? Anyone want one? I hope so cause I have some almost ready to go....

I've been trying to get some cosmetic things finished up in the house so I can take some decent photos of the rooms, and have a place to display the etsy stuff I'm working on. I also recently started "tweeting" so if you use twitter and want to talk or hear about my mishaps, building mistakes, or other stuff that doesn't make it on the blog, follow at your own risk.... @one_forty_three

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