Shoe rack

July 05, 2011 0 Comments

Shoe rack

Between me and Roxy (way more Roxy), we have quite a bit of shoes in our house. "Our regulars" kind of just pile up by the front door so I made this little shoe rack today after work. It mounts to the bottom of our floating desk/bench. I never really did a good post on the desk bench, because I made it right before I started the blog. It's basically a curving top mounted to the wall. The low spot is a bench where you can sit, and the higher is a desk top with a chair for a laptop computer or reading. It's made out of angle-iron and left over pieces from our old porch deck. Anyways, I made the shoe rack out of 1/2" steel rod and 1" flat bar, no surprises here.

Just two bent pieces of steel welded to a bar, the front railing is just slightly lower than the back to set the shoes at an angle. I sprayed clear finish over the metal to protect, yet keep the look of the raw steel.

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