March 28, 2011 1 min read

The Springs Preserve was having a plant sale this last weekend and since we've never been there and always wanted to go and there was supposedly cactus for sale, we went and checked it out.

There was a ton of people there and apparently members got in early but there were still a few plants left for sale. After we saw all of the plant sale stuff we wandered around the park a little bit. This place is 180 acres so we barely saw much of it at all but there were some cool plants and landscaping.

I like the idea of the exposed rocks in this poured wall and I love the Mexican Fence post cactus, I saw this stuff at the nursery a few weeks ago and it's kind of pricey. After the Spring's Preserve we went and checked out Cactus Joe's which is about 30 minutes from our house. This place was a cactus wonderland. So much cactus....!

Aside from cactus, they have TONS of pots, and yard art, and wild animals walking around. If you live in Las Vegas or pass through and you like cactus, you gotta check this place out. There's an endless supply of cacti and the people are really helpful (especially Joe, who gave us a discount because the plant we bought was in the wrong container).

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