February 19, 2014 2 min read 1 Comment

We've had a very busy first month, thanks to all of you guys! We're so grateful and have already been putting in the long night hours, but we've got some new stuff that will be coming to the shop soon....

I've gotten alot of emails from people wanting to know if I was going to be selling the "potence" lamps again. I came up with a new design that offers the same functionality, of being able to put a bulb in the middle of a space and move it around with a handle in arm's reach. It uses the same bracing rod and swiveling engineering of my Otis lamp, rather than cable-suspension. I simplified the top of the lamp with a single bend and brought the rod back out and curved down for the handle, finished with a solid wooden ball.

I've put together a wall lamp that allows it to be hardwired into a receptacle nearby, but still able to adjust up and down as well as swing left and right.

I've got a new side chair in the works that's actually one of the first chair designs I came up with when I started experimenting with plywood molding. This one is in natural Teak with Pendleton fabric for the seat.

I mocked up a desk organizer a while back and have been trying different wood species lately. I accidentally discovered this two-wood version while swapping out the trays while photographing. We decided it could be a cool way to "color code" the two different trays and I really like the way Walnut and Oak look together.

I've been playing around with a concept lately of using a single piece of flat bar and round rod with a bend in each. It's a very simple idea that seams to have endless possibilities. The first was the tissue roll holder I designed, and from there has been the bones to alot of my stuff. The latest are these shelf brackets that use that same idea. I kind of swung back to the closet shelf brackets I made for our house a few years ago but simplified them. I had these ran with the last batch of powder coat colors and matched them with different woods for some pretty eye-catching combinations. These two are mint/walnut and salmon/oak. These as well as other colors (and solid brass) will be making their way to the store soon!



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December 26, 2015

Adoro la luce Potence prodotta da Vitra, ma il tuo modello lo trovo eccezionale! Quanto misura il braccio orientabile? lo fornisci di lampadina? Quale modello di lampadina vedi indicato con questo tipo di luce?

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