September 06, 2013 1 min read

IMG_1093 I know I've been saying this every time I post now, but I have been very very busy filling orders in the shop lately that I don't get to post on the blog very often. I have been continuing to experiment with the plywood molding and have been working on a new concept using a piece of molded birch as a shade for a lamp. This is just a quick prototype but it really opens up a ton of possibilities that I can't wait to try out. IMG_1098 IMG_1095 The shade it attached to the arm on a swivel fitting, allowing the light to be directed where you want it. The switched socket is attached to a bracket I made out of aluminum. IMG_1094 IMG_1101   I know it's different and kind of strange, but it's functional and incredibly fun to make. Isn't that the point? This lamp isn't available yet and will probably change before it is, but look out for some variation of this concept in the shop soon. IMG_1103

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