October 30, 2011 1 min read

Roxy needed a place near her desk to put all of her law books. So, I made another cabinet out of left over wood pieces to hang above her desk. It has sliding doors to conceal the stuff inside too. I used a router-bit setup known as a lock-miter, which gives you more surface area for glue and also lines up your joints perfectly. Since I use scrap pieces of different wood species, the joint looks pretty interesting. There's no screws or even pin-nails but the cabinet is incredibly strong. It's all about the glue and joinery. I used a "Johnson cleat" system for hanging the cabinet on the wall. It's basically a piece of plywood with a beveled edge that is screwed to the wall. The cabinet has the same beveled edge on the back, that slips over the cleat to hang on the wall. It's much easier to hang a strip of wood on the wall rather than a cabinet, plus there's no screw holes on the inside. It's not meant to be a huge spacious cabinet really, just more of a bookshelf with doors and still keep the room feeling open. I really just needed any excuse to use the lock-miter.

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