Roxy arm chair

The Roxy Arm Chair masterfully melds moulded plywood artistry with mid-century flair, creating a standout statement piece that's as comfy as it is stylish. Universally adored, it's the go-to favorite for any room.


Wood color
Fabric color
Charcoal tweed
Leather - Saddle
Leather - Black
Pendleton®: Rancho Arroyo Silver
Pendleton®: Rancho Arroyo Black
Pendleton®: Rancho Arroyo Aqua
Pendleton®: Big Thunder
Pendleton®: Walking Rock
Pendleton®: Overall Tan
Pendleton®: Condensed Black
Pendleton®: Rancho Arroyo White
Pendleton®: San Miguel
Leadtime: 6-8 Weeks
  • Moulded Plywood Shell: Crafted from natural real veneer in Oak, Walnut, Teak, or Cherry, each shell is glued up and formed individually in our custom-made press.
  • Unique Technique: Our plywood moulding process is unique and not common, mastered through years of experimentation.
  • Original Design: Designed in 2012 as our first chair, originally made as a rocking chair (also available), now offered in this armchair version.
  • Comfortable Shape: The moulded shape is designed for comfort, with dense 1" thick foam pads providing extra comfort with a low profile.
  • Fabric Options: Pads are wrapped in several fabric options; retro-look tweed, black or saddle leather, and Pendleton tweed in rotating pattern choices (availability based on Pendleton stock).
  • Sturdy Base: The base is made from welded steel fabricated in-house, powder-coated in satin black, with nylon glides for smooth movement.
  • Easy Assembly: Chair comes disassembled for shipping but is easily assembled with minimal labor.
  • High-Performance Finish: Finished with a high-performance satin lacquer for durability and a sleek look.
  • Locally Sourced: Fabrics are sourced locally, ensuring quality and supporting local businesses.
  • Mid-Century Modern Vibes: The design blends seamlessly with modern and vintage furniture, featuring Eames vibes and a timeless appeal.
  • Regular Dusting: Use a soft, dry cloth to regularly dust the chair and keep it looking its best.
  • Spot Cleaning: For fabric pads, spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent; avoid abrasive cleaners.
  • Leather Care: For leather pads, use a leather conditioner periodically to maintain suppleness and prevent cracking.
  • Wood Veneer Care: Wipe the veneer with a damp cloth; avoid using water or harsh chemicals.
  • Inspect and Tighten: Regularly check the assembly screws and base for any looseness and tighten as needed.
  • Pendleton Fabric Note: Patterns are random and may not match photos. For specific layout requests, email us or leave a note at checkout.
  • Wood Grain Variation: Wood grains vary naturally and may look different from photos. We use only natural wood without stains and strive to match color and grain for multiple items. For matching an old order, email us or leave a note at checkout.
  • Leather Quality: We use natural leather with minimal scars or blemishes, though small imperfections may be present. Colors may vary slightly between hides and differ from photos or older orders. To match an existing order, email us or leave a note at checkout.
  • Customizations: For custom sizing, colors, or other modifications, email us or call us at 702-566-8298.
  • Expediting Services: For project deadlines, email us or call us at 702-566-8298 to inquire about possible expediting services.


  • Width: 30"
  • Height: 35"
  • Length: 30"
  • Armrest height: 27"
  • Seat height: 18"


  • Location: Southern Nevada
  • Lead time: 6-8 weeks
  • Launch date: 2012

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