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The Art of Moulding Plywood at OneFortyThree

At OneFortyThree, we’re all about creating awesome furniture with a twist using our unique plywood moulding process. Our unique process of moulding plywood, also known as plywood bending, lets us craft some seriously cool, sleek, and sturdy pieces. It’s a rare and tricky process, but we love every minute of it. So, grab a seat (preferably one of our moulded plywood chairs), and let us take you on a fun ride through our plywood adventure.

How It All Started: The Roxy Chair Revolution

Picture this: it’s 2012, and we’re feeling inspired. We decided to dive into the world of moulded plywood, and our first masterpiece was born – the Roxy Chair! After countless experiments, and maybe a few too many late nights, we finally cracked the code. And boy, was it worth it!

Roxy arm chair: tweed upholstery onefortythree

The Process: Crafting with Precision and Obsession

  1. Custom-Built Moulds: We start with custom-built moulds that we designed ourselves. These moulds are the foundation of our process, allowing us to create precise and consistent shapes.

  2. Applying the Veneer: Each piece of plywood is carefully layered with a natural veneer in walnut, oak, teak, or cherry. This step adds a touch of elegance and a rich, natural finish to our furniture.

  3. Two-Part Glue: We use a special two-part glue to ensure the layers bond strongly together. This glue is essential for the durability and longevity of our pieces.

  4. Pressing the Plywood: The glued veneer is then pressed in our moulds using modified automotive presses and vacuum presses. This step requires precision and patience as the plywood takes on its new shape.

  5. Curing Overnight: After pressing, the plywood is left to cure overnight. This is a crucial part of the process, allowing the glue to set and the shape to solidify.

From Tedious to Terrific

Sure, moulding plywood is a bit tedious and tricky, but the results are totally worth it. This rare technique helps us eliminate traditional wood joinery and solve all sorts of design problems. Plus, it lets us create some seriously strong and sleek shapes that make our furniture stand out.

Our Daily Plywood Party

We’re pros at moulding plywood, and we do it every single day. You’ll find our handiwork in a ton of our products, from the iconic Roxy Chair to guitar hooks, shelves, Bike Wall Hangers, and shoe racks. We’ve mastered the art, and we’re always pushing the boundaries to see what else we can create.

Why We’re Obsessed

What’s not to love about moulded plywood? It lets us craft custom, vintage-inspired furniture that’s both beautiful and built to last. Sure, it’s challenging, but seeing our creations come to life makes it all worthwhile.

So, next time you admire one of our pieces, remember the fun and fantastic journey it took from a simple sheet of veneer to a piece of furniture. At OneFortyThree, we’re not just making furniture; we’re having a blast creating stories with every curve and contour.

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