June 09, 2012 1 min read

When we installed siding over our log cabin, we had to cut off the exposed corners first. I did this with a chainsaw and ended up with about 100 chunks of solid fir. I've been saving them since then, for if nothing firewood, but had the idea the other day to make some planters. I drilled a 2-1/2" hole with a forstner bit and sliced the blocks into geometric shapes. I sanded the different planes until they were perfectly straight and flat.I dipped them in a bucket of eco wood solution to seal and help weather the wood. I routed a keyhole into the back of a few so they can hang on the wall with a single hidden screw. I attached a piece of steel cable to two adjacent sides of one and hung it from a ceiling beam. Because it doesn't need to rest on a surface, the bottom comes to a point rather than a flat spot. We also made 150 of a much smaller version of these as favors for our wedding. They are being fitted with tiny succulents by the amazing Bianca from Terri Planty as I type this! Bianca is so creative and comes up with the most amazing miniature scenes for terrariums, which is why she is also doing our centerpieces! I can't wait to show you guys when they are done, along with everything else we've been so busy working on. Keep an eye out for some of these jumbo planters making their way to the etsy shop! UPDATE: I put a few up on etsy here

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