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micro Slab Furniture

November 24, 2011 0 Comments

micro Slab Furniture

So, I have been messing around with some small pieces of wood the last few days and made some 'raw slab' micro furniture pieces. I've got a few other pieces I'm working on but here's what I've finished. Some of the wood I found already had interesting knots and voids, and some of it I had to carve and sand to give it a 'live edge' appearance. Since trees don't grow that small, I had to manipulate the pieces a little. Everything is sanded smooth and finished with teak oil. You can see, I got a little carried away. This is a dining table made with a piece of Alder that I carved and sanded to simulate a raw tree slab. The base is bent and brazed wire painted flat black. I've been reading up on George Nakashima and wanted to make something similar to his tables and came up with this little alder and walnut dining table using the same type of joinery. Nakashima was a genius, hand-cutting his joinery free-handed. I made a coffee table using my own 'leaning hairpin' base with a slab of teak, shaped and sanded smooth. Look at the colors in that grain!! I would kill for a huge slab of this! Kill. This coffee table is made out of a chunk of Maple burl wood. These blanks are usually used for turning bowls and things but I had another idea for it. I sliced the top off and squared the edges for this table top. I love these knots and voids. Hopefully I can get enough of these built to put some on etsy. I've got about a dozen micro pieces (credenzas, chairs, lamps, etc.) made for etsy and ready to go. They will be added to my store on Sunday if you're interested! The house smells SO good right now, I'm starving. Roxy knows how to cook a mean turkey, seriously. Well, I need to go help her get ready! So, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

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