September 07, 2011 2 min read

As we continue to put together the guest-bedroom/den, we started trying to arrange some furniture around. As of right now, I lack a sofa and a coffee table. I love the eames "surfboard" table and really liked the idea of it's shape for that room. Well, I've never managed to come across one, and I love making stuff, so.. it just made sense to try and make my own. Here's what I did after work today.... I kept it pretty similar, using laminated 3/4" plywood for the top, but I came up with some different legs. I decided to make them more triangular, rather than square; to sort of go with the end shape of the ellipse. Know what I mean? Anyways, it was fun to make and Roxy likes it. We have always wanted one of these and now we've got one.

I bent and welded some steel rod into the shape I wanted for the legs. They are almost like giant hairpins leaning away from each other, welded to two more triangular pieces for support. I painted them with flat black enamel paint.

For the top, I traced an elliptical jig (made of 1/2" mdf) on a piece of plywood and rough-cut the shape with a jigsaw. Then I clamped the jig to the plywood and routed off the excess with a flush-cut router. I veneered the top with a piece of mahogany veneer that I had. I beveled the edge with a 1/8" radius router bit, sanded it with 80-100-120-220 grit sandpaper, and applied four coats of teak oil. I've been working on some other things around the house that I can't wait to share, including adding a "catwalk" to the bedroom/loft, and tearing out all the wooden railings and replacing them with raw steel ones. Should be posting soon!

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