June 14, 2011 1 min read

After selling some of my lamps on Etsy, I thought shipping them was going to be easy, especially since FedEx said they would package them for me. It turns out they have no box that will fit these things without taping two together. I didn't want these things getting banged up so I made my own boxes. I bought 4x8 cardboard sheets and started cutting and gluing together a box that securely holds the lamp in place and protects it. After the boxes, I started thinking of logos, instructions, tags and everything else I never thought of before.....


I had a stamp made for $21 with my little logo on it to leave my mark somewhere. I planned on stamping the handles but it was too hard because of the curved surface so I made little wooden tags out of scrap that hang on the electrical cord and stamped those.


I spray-painted a logo on the boxes and even made a little instruction sheet on sketch-up for mounting the lamp. Getting too legit? Anyways, thank you guys so much for buying the lamps and I'm planning on shipping them this week. I just have to test mount and turn on every lamp one at a time to make sure they work right.

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