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Chair recover attempt

February 10, 2011 0 Comments

Chair recover attempt

I bought this wing back chair at a flea market last year for $30. It had nothing left but the foam, but it it was in good condition and the frame was solid mahogany so I picked it up. I've always wanted to learn how to recover furniture so after it sat in my house for almost a year I decided to just buy some fabric and sew it together.

I bought the fabric at Jo-ann'son clearance for 60% off. They didn't have enough of one pattern to cover the whole chair so I picked a couple different ones (I wanted a patchwork cover anyways). It cost me less than $20 for all of the fabric, plus an an old army blanket that I had. I borrowed my sister's little singer sewing machine and sewed together pieces that I traced out on the foam. I stretched over the cover and stapled it under the chair to the frame (I still need to finish that). I had to hand-stitch the back seam in order to make it over the wings. I don't know if that's how upholsterers do it, but it was all I could think of.

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